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The NFC has been a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge imagery to help the public realize how much America’s forests have been impacted by logging. We created a landmark set of aerial photo mosaics of national forests across the country, painstakingly assembled by hand from tens of thousands of current and historic aerial photographs.

Download our national forests aerial photo book. Scroll down.

The result was the first-ever look at the condition of entire national forests, including many of the well-known national forests in the Pacific Northwest that have been at the heart of national forest logging debates.

We also took historic aerial photos and created first-ever detailed before and after comparisons of national forests, showing the dramatic loss of these wild ecosystems at the hand of the timber industry and the forest service. We assembled many of the resulting images into two books, which you can download below free of charge.

Download/View the 36-page book:

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